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Services for hire

In addition to publishing books and running the bookshop, we often hire out our time and experience to others as they find their way through the book making process. We'd love to help you get from point A to point G, or point D to point Z. Each book has its own passage.

See the list below for our current service offerings. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have a question or would like an estimate: publisher.wintertexts(at)


(Note: Our rates are as listed but are always subject to discussion. Availability is always in flux w/ the seasons. We do not publish books for payment.)

Cover Design (starting at $150/project)

We work in close collaboration with authors and publishers to create beautiful covers with simple yet robust designs. We've made elaborate art books, mass-market pulp hits, zines, and literary series. Each style its time & place & shelf & reader. 

Full Book Design (project dependent)

We design in dialogue with the text (and images, themes, and meanings within) as carefully and considerately as possible. We strive to create seamless literary objects: weaving together cover, layout, and content into a single work of art. This is crux of our artistic practice. This service is a close (and often long) collaboration that requires good communication, earnest effort, and artistic risk.

Private Book-Making Consultation ($50/hour)

You can always come chat with us about books and book-making at the Bookshop (open Tues-Sat). Nothing better than trying to help others find their way in the labyrinth of book-making and literary art. BUT the Bookshop is open to everyone... and conversations meander. If you'd like a private, detail oriented, in depth conversation about your work/project/book/zine, reach out to schedule a time for us to sit down, dig in, and help think of paths forward. 

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