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WT034 Haptic Verse: In Imaging Vessels (3rd ed.) (forthcoming) by Haines Whitacre

WT033 Paradises Lost (2024) by Ursula K. Le Guin

WT032 A Field Companion For Wandering (2023) by Conner Bouchard-Roberts

WT031 Cool Dark Places (2023) by Amber Autumn Leaves Huntsman

MP004 Haptic Verse... (2nd ed.) by Haines Whitacre

MP003 Speculative Cookery... by Hans Barr

WT030  Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude (poem-zine) by Ross Gay w/ art by Lydia Vadopalas 

(reprinted with permission of University of Pittsburgh Press)

WT029  (secret book)

WT028  At Great and No Distance at All (2023) by Ursula K. Le Guin

MP002  Ranger Danger by Meriden Vitale

MP001  Hagstones by J. Turner Masland

WT027  Maps (3rd ed. with BCP, 2023) by Christina Vega

xxxxx  Beaver Valley Radish. volume 8 winter (zine)

WT026  Inward (2023) by Kat Murphy

WT025  Telling is Listening: essays (2023) by Ursula K. Le Guin

WT024  Decay (with Blue Cactus Press, 2022) Christina Vega and CBR

xxxxxx  Green Room Bar Rag #1

WT023  On the Question of Place (2022) by many people

WT022  The Beaver Valley Radish: year one (2022) by BVR collective

WT021   In Coyote Sunlight (2021) by Terry Persun

WT020  A Secret History of Port Townsend (2021) by Dylan James Quarles

WT019  Accounts of Wreckage (2nd Ed.) (2021) by Haines Whitacre

WT018  A Field Companion for Wandering (2021) by Conner Bouchard-Roberts

WT017  Dowsing (2021) by Michael Jackson

WT016  Into the Desert, Across the Ice (2021) by Ursula K. Le Guin

WT015  There Be Monsters (2021) by Dylan James Quarles

xxxxx  Beaver Valley Radish #1 (seasonal zine)

WT014  Hernes (2021) by Ursula K. Le Guin

WT013  Place Koan (2021) by many people

xxxxx "Fuck it I don't know" (zine)

WT012  Poems (2021) by Conner Bouchard-Roberts

WT011   The Missing Ones (2021) by Lauren Davis

WT010  Reflections in the Charity Shop Window (2020) by Tudor Rhys Etchells

WT009  Brand New Gospel (2020) by no one

WT008  Pocket Guide to Wandering (second edition, 2020) by Conner Bouchard-Roberts

WT007  nescowen (2019) by Conner Bouchard-Roberts

WT006  the Daemon Guide ‘as told around the fire’ (2019) by Conner Bouchard-Roberts

WT005  Accounts of Wreckage (2019) by Haines Whitacre

WT004  Pocket Guide to Wandering (first edition, 2018) by Conner Bouchard-Roberts

WT003  The Daemon Guide (2018) by Conner Bouchard-Roberts

WT002  ???

WT001   How to Keep Time (2013?) by CBR

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