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Winter texts is the publishing practice of book-designer and writer Conner Bouchard-Roberts, based out on the Olympic Peninsula. 


Founded sometime between 2013 & 2018, (most likely on Haines and Nanya's couch) I cultivate, design, publish and distribute odd and meaningful books of all sorts. I am endlessly fascinated with the form of a book and how these objects are located in our particular time, language, and place. 


I print in editions of 300 copies or less.


I am always learning and changing, making mistakes and trying again.


I strive to make beautiful and meaningful shit with beautiful and meaningful people in a beautiful and meaningful world.

Principles/manifesto (as sketched on a napkin on the OR coast in winter):

  • Books can be sacred

  • What makes a book sacred is a tangle of context, form, & content

  • Books are dialogic

  • Publishing books is an artistic practice

  • The name that can be said is not the true name

  • The way that is marked is not the true way

  • Collaboration is dialogic:

    • marked by rhythm, experimentation and compassion

  • Only printed books

  • Respect and care for the reader

  • Books can/should convey value in a deeply felt way

  • There are things more valuable than money

  • A book’s true home is in the gift economy

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