the Beaver Valley Radish: year one


Winter 2021/2022 - pod

5x8in - 128pgs


The Beaver Valley Radish is a seasonal/quarterly zine published locally on the Quimper Peninsula. It started via a long and dialogical process arising from a fever dream of ex-librarian Turner Masland. Each issue is gathered from submissions of farmers and artists located within and around Beaver Valley. With all the submissions harvested, I weave them together into a slim ~20pg zine. Printed at home, folded, and stapled. BVR 1 consisted of 30 copies. BVR 2, 40. BVR 3, 50, BVR 4, 60.


It has been an invigorating project of working with a single thread of publication that grows over time. Periodic and vital. Digging into place, ecology, literature, and creatureliness. Very different from the other aspects of text-making that I have engaged with so far. Less about drive and will. More about consistency and presence.


This book is a collection of the first year of zines. 4 issues all together under one binding. It was made as a surprise by me for the rest of the folks. It is an archive, a celebration, and a tapestry of a slightly different aesthetic nature than our ragtagstapled zines. Kinda looks like a literary magazine, doesn't it?


Conner Bouchard-Roberts

publisher, Winter texts

feb 2022

the Beaver Valley Radish: year one