Poems by Conner Bouchard-Roberts


Spring 2021 - 50 copies

5x7in - 40pgs


A slim volume of poetry.


This was a book I felt drawn to weave together in the beginning of 2021 along with a series of other experimental texts. It afforded me the opportunity to look back over the poems I had been writing in the preceding 3 years and re-edit them into a single series moments. I am constantly republishing and reforming my old writing and this is a perfect case study of how that process can form an individual work that coheres together without any real evidence of how these poems were originally brought into the world. 


I usually really dislike my poetry collections after the first month but... I still like this volume. It's simple, maybe that is why. It still holds meaning for me. I like the way each movement moves into the next and strings together many of my previous books that are long out of print. I may keep this one around for a while.


The cover design is a collage I made using images from the public domain. An exquisite corpse. The title is simply poems. White backdrop with no cover copy. It is just a slim book of poems without titles themselves.


Conner Bouchard-Roberts

publisher, Winter texts

feb 2022


Poems by Conner Bouchard-Roberts