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Meeting-Place Chapbooks’ mission is, at root, to tend the soil of local literature to foster a living culture.


Published in editions of 80, the chapbooks are made with a degree of playfulness and spontaneity. Each chapbook is made on the peninsula, written by authors residing in the area (or with significant connection to this place), and is distributed locally.


If you'd like to submit a work for consideration, please send your pitch and sample to, and specify "Meeting-Place" in the subject line.

Editorial Circle:

Co-Editor - Conner Bouchard-Roberts 

Co-Editor - J. Turner Masland

Typographer - Lizz Muller (Foxfire Fine Lettering)

“Much has been taken from us; but now we need to look for the relating forces. The forces, that is, that love to make and perceive relationships and cause them to grow; they may be most complex.

  As poetry is complex.

  For poetry, in the sense in which I am using the word, is very much like the love of which Diotima told Socrates. She, speaking of love, told how it was of its nature neither good nor beautiful, for its desire was the beautiful, its desire was the good.

  I speak, then, of a poetry which tends where form tends, where meaning tends.

  This will be a poetry which is concerned with the crises of our spirit, with the music and the images of these meanings. It will also be a poetry of meeting-places, where the false barriers go down. For they are false.”


~ Muriel Ruckeyser, The Life of Poetry