The Green Room
Bar and Bookshop

our brick and mortar storefront overlooking the salish sea.

curated with used and new books. hosting readings and gatherings. 
Serving incredible drinks and thai-fusion food.

Open: 4pm - 10pm
Tuesday - Sunday

Featuring all the current Winter texts, with select special editions that you can't find anywhere else. A shelf of local authors, small press releases, works in translation, and other meaningful books from across the literary world. Stock is kept organically. So stop by and see what's new and changing. Grab a cocktail. Share a story.

Conner, publisher of Winter texts, bartends Wednesday - Friday.

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Located in Way Through, WA (aka Port Townsend). Within historic Manresa Castle. The Green Room is just one tendril of The Castle restaurant that serves amazing Thai-Fusion food by local cook Plai Junpo.

check out the menu: