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A Note to Collaborators

All books by Winter texts are a collaboration–every book requires a different series of insights and gestures and solutions in order to get it from idea to manuscript to object (and into the minds of others). I am only interested in projects that see collaboration as part of process of our art; texts that dig earnestly into questions of place, time, being, and dialogue.

I create with others based on a principle of sincerity: Writers maintain all rights to their written words (meaning you can republish at your own discretion) and all financial agreements are done upfront and communally.

All this slows things down considerably. (And in some cases speeds things up 10 fold.) Books sometimes reach stores. I do not sell on Amazon. I’ve a complicated relationship with ISBNs. Advertising is not a priority. Nor is notoriety. Nor is profit. Every book has a different readership, and how folks will find and sink into the pages, how the text looks and feels and interfaces with our worlds.

Books are sacred. Or at least have that possibility. So we attempt to make a sacred thing and come out with something rather meaningful. I'm learning day-by-day and If Winter texts cannot give your book the focus needed to create something potentially sacred, I will let you know candidly and we both will leave the project with more than we started with.

Currently (Feb. 2022) I'm over inundated with ongoing projects but would always love to hear what you are working on.

With all that said, you can reach me here:

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