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“The book itself is a curious artifact, not showy in its technology but complex and extremely efficient: a really neat little device, compact, often very pleasant to look at and handle, that can last decades, even centuries. It doesn't have to be plugged in, activated, or performed by a machine; all it needs is light, a human eye, and a human mind. It is not one of a kind, and it is not ephemeral. It lasts. It is reliable. If a book told you something when you were fifteen, it will tell it to you again when you're fifty, though you may understand it so differently that it seems you're reading a whole new book." ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

about Winter texts

Winter texts is a independent publisher and bookstore out on the Olympic Peninsula, WA. Founded sometime between 2016 & 2018, we are endlessly fascinated with the form of a book and how these odd and meaningful objects are located in our particular time, language, and place. Every book (not just the ones we make) seems to be a culmination of a long and winding conversation of author and world; individual and interconnected.


We print in editions of 300 copies or less.


We are always learning and changing.


We strive to make beautiful and meaningful shit with beautiful and meaningful people.

You can reach us here for all book related inquiries/comments (please be kind, our inbox can be a strange-world):

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