Publishing as artistic practice


Winter texts is the publishing practice of writer and book-designer Conner Bouchard-Roberts. (aka Me; I am writing this.) Started sometime around 2017, it has since changed and adapted in many different ways. At the moment, it is classified in the broader publishing industry lingo as a "Micro-press" or "Art Press".

It is a practice of weaving. Weaving symbols, images, ideas, and moments into pages, into printed matter, into texts. Every book is a culmination of a long and winding conversation of author and world; individual and interconnected. I work at a small, intimate scale. I help make material what’s just been words and ideas. Sending off these books to change hands, meet readers, weaving the texts back into the conversations that formed them. 


I print in editions of 300 copies or less.

Winter texts is my ongoing inquiry into the form of a book and how these odd and meaningful objects are located in our particular time, language, and place. I hope to gradually expand my imagination of what books are and can be through this practice of attention and sincerity.

None of my books make much money. Nor is that the goal. Revenue is a happy-byproduct of this slow, human endeavor. (If you're wondering how I keep the lights on: I bartend.)

but to say Winter texts is only one person isn't totally true. It is a tangled and motley assemblage of people who keep it evolving:


Poet-Publisher, Conner Bouchard-Roberts

Editor-at-large, Tudor Etchells

Chemist, Nayon Park

Fixer, Chie Kawahara

Nurse, Hopi Jayne

Creature Figurer, Amanda Jorgenson

Goatherd, Lydia Vadopalas 

Archivist, Nanya Jhingran

Musician, Haines Whitacre

Witch, Dr. Mary Schroeder

Gardener, Rachel Smith

Fisherman, Kat Murphy

Restauranteur, Cam Roberts

Cook, Plai Junpo


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