About the press

Maker of odd and meaningful books


The publishing practice of Conner Bouchard-Roberts.

Every book is a culmination of a long and winding conversation of author and world; individual and interconnected. I work at a small ever-adapting scale in contrast to industry standards. I help make material what’s just been words and ideas. Sending off these books to change hands, meet readers, and take part in some small corner of the conversation that formed them. I print in editions of 200 copies or less.


I hope to gradually expand the imagination of what books are and can be through a practice of weaving, attention, and sincerity.

Winter texts is, in its headiest moments, exploring the edges of what 'a book' is and will be as the object is located in our particular time, language, and place.

Established in 2017 or so. Based in Way Through, WA. Our storefront is located in the Green Room within Manresa Castle; where Conner bartends Tuesday - Thursday.

Distribution Model

I distribute our books by hand and basic mail to people, bars, homes, and booksellers across Salish Coastline, and where ever readers find themselves. I don’t use major distribution channels. As you can imagine, this changes the ‘business side’ of publishing texts, and we remain adaptable for each book, area, and reader if need be. That is what keeps this whole experiment vibrant and sincere.

Winter texts often/sometimes is:


Publisher, Conner Bouchard-Roberts

Editor at large, Tudor Etchells

Fixer, Chie Kawahara

Restauranteur, Cam Roberts

Head Cook, Plai Junpo

Poet-Archivist, Nanya Jhingran

Nurse, Hopi Jayne

Events Manager + Gardener, Rachel Smith

Fisherman, Kat Murphy

Chemist, Nayon Park